Vehicle Details

One of the most critical aspects of any dealership website are the vehicle detail pages. These pages are designed to provide your customers with the valuable information they need to know about any vehicle in your inventory so that they can fully "inspect" the car from the comfort of their home when it is convenient for their busy schedule. While vehicle details pages can be customized to include additional content if desired, all pages start with a wealth of resources that will help both customers & employees find out everything they might want to know about the vehicle.

Vehicle Details Page Breakdown:

Our typical vehicle details pages include the following information:

  • 360° views - This allows the customer to see a full view of the interior and exterior using technology that enables the customer to drag the picture in a 360° motion, as if they were walking around the car or sitting in the vehicle. This provides a more tangible experience for the customer, so they can understand how the car will feel and look inside. The view includes the entire interior and exterior, so customers can look at every part of the vehicle.
  • Incentives - This feature provides your dealership with the ability to inform customers about national & regional manufacturer incentives that may be available for the vehicle they are looking at. This can include an example of the customer's monthly payment; cash back offers; manufacturer rebates; special interest rates; or leasing offers. You can include whatever incentives you want to because this section is controlled by your dealership and can be updated as the incentives change.
  • Payment Calculator - This is a great tool to help customers figure out their potential payments on a vehicle. Customers are able to specify their downpayment & the term that they'd like to finance for, as well as make adjustments to the selling price and default finance rate (which you can set through the backend control center) to see how it would affect their monthly payment.
  • Photo Gallery - The photo gallery allows customers to easily scroll through all available vehicle photos, as well as enlarge photos that they are interested in viewing more closely. While your dealership has the option of displaying as many actual photos as you'd like for any of your new or used vehicles, we include up to 30 exterior, interior & color variation stock photographs for all new vehicles.
  • Printable Details - Printable details links allow customers to print out a tangible, printer-friendly reminder of the vehicle they are interested in purchasing. Customers can then bring this information into the dealership with them to help them compare their chosen vehicle with other vehicles that might be available.
  • Similar Vehicles - The similar vehicles feature offered by Dealer Apex will automatically display vehicles that are similar to the model being viewed. This provides customers with different options that are close to the vehicle they are currently looking at. It is a great way to up-sell to a higher trim level or market models that you are trying to move off the lot.
  • Vehicle Description & Equipment - This is one of the most important aspects of the vehicle details page. It includes the entire standard and optional information regarding the car, truck, SUV, crossover, or van in question, but it also allows your dealership to write personalized descriptions for each vehicle without any restrictions on length. This means you can talk about specific details that may make the vehicle special, such as the ability to add an optional package, special incentives, or anything else you want to add to the page.

Additionally, the following can often be added as well:

  • E-brochures & Window Stickers - E-brochures and printable window stickers provide customers with a tangible item to take notes on, highlight features, and help them compare different vehicles available. This is an excellent way to help customers remember a vehicle and give them something they can take to the dealership and say, "this is the vehicle I want." This is an amazing feature that is offered for new cars by some manufacturers. Dealer Apex will work with you to include this feature on your vehicle details pages, when possible.
  • Inventory Videos - Inventory videos are a personal way to provide information about a specific vehicle or vehicle line-up. Customers can learn more about a particular model by pressing the "play" button. Then the vehicle on the vehicle details page will be highlighted in a video designed for that specific model. This is an excellent way to bring attention to special features, pricing, or any other details you want to ensure customers know.