Vehicle Comparisons

Allow your visitors to narrow down their vehicle search by comparing different models in your vehicle inventory. All information displayed in the comparison is pulled from your vehicle details page and is presented in an easy-to-read spreadsheet format.

Information provided for comparison includes:

  • Vehicles - Lists the name of the vehicles being compared as a header in separate columns.
  • Comments - This area can include any information you want to highlight, such as a call to action.
  • Pricing Information - The price listed on the vehicle details page is pulled in here.
  • Type - This tells the visitor whether the vehicle is new or used.
  • Miles - Shows the visitor the mileage on the vehicle
  • MPG (City and Highway) - This lists the miles per gallon both city and highway. It also includes the appropriate disclaimer with an asterisk on the MPG.
  • Engine - This provides the size of the engine.
  • Transmission - Customers will see information regarding the transmission from basic automatic and manual to more detailed data about the transmission as provided.
  • Interior Color
  • Exterior Color
  • Stock #
  • VIN
  • Exterior Information - The exterior information lists details about each vehicle in a bullet point format, which is easy to read.
  • Interior Information - Interior information is provided to customers in a bullet point format.
  • Safety - Customers will see safety features listed in a bullet point format.
  • Mechanical - Each vehicles mechanical data is listed in a bullet point format.
  • Options - Any options included for a vehicle may be shown here.
  • Technical - This section allows you to point out specific technical aspects for each vehicle, including items such as: Brakes, Cargo Area Dimensions, Electrical & Emissions