Staff Videos

When a website visitor sends you an email inquiry about one of your vehicles, do you send out an auto response? Does your auto response, like all other auto responses, simply state that it is an auto response and that someone will contact the sender soon? Maybe the response your dealership sends provides the name and phone number of a member of your Internet staff they can contact, but how effective will it really be in actually getting the sender to call your dealership?

Through a combination of experience and extensive research, Dealer Apex has found that a vast number of users who never follow up with a dealership after sending in an inquiry don't go back because they weren't impressed with the response they received. The less compelling and memorable your auto-responses are, the more likely website visitors are to lose your emails, or worse, forget about your dealership all together.

The Dealer Apex Solution

Staff Videos

Fortunately, Dealer Apex has developed a way to give your potential customers a more personal and memorable response so that they don't forget about your dealership or your Internet staff. We have the ability to provide you with staff videos of your choice to send out with your auto responses. We have access to a complete professional filming studio that your staff can use to film custom videos for use with your website. This allows customers to put a face with your dealership name so that they know who they'll be dealing with. Staff videos can explain the navigation of the site, discuss vehicles, talk about customer satisfaction policies, or just simply say hello and thank the consumer for visiting your site.

We believe dealerships need to go the extra mile for every lead they get in order to create a sense of urgency and prepare their consumers to begin the sales process. As a result, every consumer not only remembers your dealership, they know exactly who they need to talk to in order to get started with their upcoming purchase.