Advanced Optimization Package

The Dealer Apex "Advanced Optimization" Package includes the following steps to improve website exposure in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and others...

  • First, 10 phrases will be chosen that are related to the dealership (and highly searched for in the search engines) so that we can focus on improving the dealership's ranking for those terms.
  • We will then create 3 pages of supporting content for each of the 10 words chosen. Each page will have approximately 600 words of content. Since search engines prefer sites that have informational text on the terms people are looking for, this will help the site establish its relevance to the search terms in a much better way than images, scattered text, and animations can accomplish by themselves.
  • Next, we will optimize each of the 30 total pages of content via the creation of a link-network that helps the search engines find all the related content, as well as other methods such as the integration of important title, description, and key-word meta tags that are unique to each page.
  • After that, we'll integrate links to all of the pages of the website, including the 30 pages of content related to the 10 chosen phrases, into a single sitemap page that will help the search engine find all of the pages of the site as quickly as possible.
  • Once this work has been done, the site will be submitted to the search engines for review & monitoring