Make an Offer

With Dealer Apex, your dealership has the option to let your potential customers to make an offer on the vehicle of their choice.

Why is this so important? It starts the interactive process with your consumer. It allows you to collect their information, so that you can contact them and initiate the sales process. In the Internet business, the leads you accumulate provide the foundation for the sales process. The more leads your dealership is able to receive, the opportunities you'll have to generate sales. Dealer Apex's "Make an Offer" feature verifies that a consumer is very interested in one of your vehicles and is willing to proceed to the next level of negotiation. With this type of lead, there is no doubt that your dealership has a vehicle the customer is interested in and that they are very close to making a sales appointment or scheduling a test drive. "Make an Offer" lets you know that particular consumer has made up their mind on a particular make and model that they are willing to purchase and it gives you the opportunity to earn their business through your sales process.