Dealer Apex: What Makes Us Different

User-Friendly Websites

The first key to success on the Internet today is having a site that is both easy to navigate and provides consumers with all the information they're looking for. User-friendly sites are imperative if you want to prevent a potential customer from getting frustrated and leaving to shop your competition. Dealer Apex can provide your dealership with sites that are user-friendly and informative, as well as every other tool needed to become successful on the web in today's auto industry. We specialize in providing sites with user-friendly navigations to make sure that your dealership has the best chance of earning your website visitors' business.

Eye-Catching Website Design

Our sites aren't just informative and easy to use though, they're also eye-catching. Our designers know that if customers don't find a site visually appealing, they could be clicking over to the competition before your page even finishes loading! The longer that a consumer is on your site, the better the chance it gives you to earn their business. With the website videos we provide our clients, you can rest assured that your site will not only grab visitors' attention, but that it'll do so in a way that is unique and memorable, putting your dealership at the forefront of customer's minds. These videos can be used to explain site content or simply to introduce visitors to your dealership in a more personal and professional manner. We have stock videos to chose from, or you can make use of the professional filming studio we have on-site to create custom videos of your own staff! With intuitive site navigation, tons of information, and unique features like these, your dealership's site is sure to keep you a cut above the competition.

Establishing a solid online presence is only the first half of the equation though when it comes to getting website visitors into your showroom. Equally important is the Internet staff you have working behind the scenes.

On-going Internet Sales Training

Ongoing Internet Sales Training

Dealer Apex works hard to constantly improve your Internet staff's efficiency with on-going training sessions. This training ensures that your potential clients are always getting quick, proper responses and that your employees are always updated with the latest tips and tricks to maximize their sales potential. Our staff has over thirty years of combined experience in the forefront of the auto industry. We have experience in every avenue of the car dealership business from sales to general management and everything in-between. In our long history, we've found that hands-on experience is always the best teacher. Our clients have seen vast increases in their sales numbers because of the on-going consulting and first-hand experience that we provide to their Internet staff. Their responses have become both prompt and professional which in turn has continued to lead potential customers to their front door.

Continuous Follow-Up

We have also found that many consumers researching their next vehicle purchase online could be as far away as 90 days from making a final decision. In order to compensate for this, we provide your dealership with all the content needed to stay in front of consumers during their decision making process and keep your dealership fresh in the their mind. Proper and continuous follow-up is crucial to the success of your Internet business and must be watched closely if you're looking to develop your Internet staff into an online sales powerhouse. Dealer Apex has developed a system to monitor your staff's responses and ensure that they are continuous and provide all of the proper content to your potential clients.

Improve Your Sales

Improve Your Sales

Dealer Apex has the sales experience you need in order to develop the right plan for your dealership and improve your results. We also have a technical staff that is second to none and will provide you with the service you both expect and deserve. Dealer Apex partners with our clients to attain the ultimate goal: more sales!