Auto Lead Providers

Dealer Apex is not just your website provider or SEO expert; we partner with your dealership to help you succeed. One way we help you acheive sales success is by assisting you with auto lead providers like and With our service, you will have the ability to utilize these services to their fullest. Services that we offer to help you get the most out of your lead providers include:

  • Unlimited Lead Providers - connect with services like,, and many more!
  • Free National Lead Providers - Get your inventory listed on 20 national websites at no additional charge!
  • Unlimited Exports - send as many exports as you'd like to as many lead providers as you'd like
  • Automatic Daily Exports - Avoid the need for extra work & keep your inventory up-to-date by automatically exporting your inventory to most lead providers on a daily basis
  • Lead Tracking - Our Google Analytics Data will show how your online lead providers are performing. Additionally, we can set up unique phone numbers to associate with your various traditional campaigns to help you gauge their performance as well

DealerApex works hard to ensure that you get the most value possible from your digital marketing efforts. We don't just provide you with statistics, we sit down with your internet sales staff and explain the data we are providing. We can pinpoint which lead providers aren't performing & which ones are providing a great value. This helps your staff make informed decisions about how to allocate advertising resources when planning your your marketing strategy. The data we can provide will also help you understand how well the leads you're receiving are converting into sales. If you'd like to discuss how we can assist your dealership with certain lead providers in greater detail, please feel free to contact us today.