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Dealer Apex works hard to constantly improve your Internet staff's efficiency with on-going training sessions. This training ensures that your potential clients are always getting quick, proper responses and that your employees are always updated with the latest tips and tricks to maximize their sales potential. Our staff has over thirty years of combined experience in the forefront of the auto industry. We have experience in every avenue of the car dealership business from sales to general management and everything in-between. In our long history, we've found that hands-on experience is always the best teacher. Our clients have seen vast increases in their sales numbers because of the on-going consulting and first-hand experience that we provide to their Internet staff. Their responses have become both prompt and professional which in turn has continued to lead potential customers to their front door.

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Before bringing on Dealer Apex, our customer response and sales were lacking when it came to the Internet. After working with Dealer Apex we found a new profit center with our Internet department. Dealer Apex has lived up to everything we expected and more. Our rep comes in each and every month as promised to go over with my internet staff the processes we now have in place and makes sure they do not falter from those processes. He works hand and hand with us to achieve the goal we are both striving for, more sales.

Terry T.
General Manager